“God if you can hear this, I need help!”

That Thursday I was frustrated at how my life was going. My job wasn’t paying the bills, and I no longer wanted to be as sociable as normal. I was extremely stressed out from things completely out of my control. I am not one for change. I FEAR it. But I wanted better, I NEEDED better. Something I hadn’t done in awhile, I mean YEARS, was pray. So I got down on my knees and with tears rolling down my eyes I talked to God. I didn’t pray this big prayer , with huge words. I didn’t talk to God as if I was in a business meeting with the pope. I was honest, “God if you can hear this…… I need help”

For some time I thought for sure that God must not love me. God must thing I’m the biggest failure. Wait, is there even a God?! I questioned it all because, why on Earth can’t I seem to get it right? Why at age 25 don’t I have it all together. That’s funny right??

I have no idea who told me that by age 25 I should be making 6 figures, have 4 cars in the driveway, a picketed fence and a dog but they lied. I hardly ever give myself enough credit for how well I AM doing at my age however, sometimes it just doesn’t feel good enough.

That Thursday I was frustrated at how my life was going..

By that following Thursday I walked into another car dealership to simply fill out a job application, that’s all. Guess what?? I got interviewed and hired on the spot. Crazy huh?

I went to my boss to ask for a raise for a 2nd time after being told the first time I didn’t deserve it. I got the same response the second time. Funny how God works because it only took two times for a door to be shut in my face for me to stop fearing the change and shift that was about to take place. I got a call from the new job asking if I can start that Monday, I accepted the offers given and I walked away from the job that didn’t appreciate me with peace and clarity. It was the best decision ever made as I made over $1k in one week, just ONE week! God is faithful and he heard me. He heard my simple prayer!

Saying all of that to say. Change is inevitable. Change can be good. Change will rock your world and shake you up, it will make you uncomfortable. It will also force you to see that you won’t grow unless you change!!!! Surround yourself with like minded people. People that want more and actually DO more. People that ARE about it and not just TALK about it. Don’t waste time. Idol time is the devils workshop. Find clarity and peace with every situation and pray for the understanding and wisdom for every step you take.

Don’t stress what you can’t control but make sure you are putting in the work to position yourself for greatness. Laziness won’t cut it. You can’t pray for the blessing and not do the work to maintain it. Your time is near, you’ve put in the work. Do right by people ALWAYS and find time to love those that loved you when things were the hardest. You are stronger than your situation and brave enough to embrace the change! Don’t be afraid, this is what life is all about.

” God if you can hear me…. thank you ❤️”

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Sending Special Love and Prayers to Justin. My best friend and Gods human form of reminding me he loves me. Thanks for all you say and do ❤️