It was UNITENTIONAL! Sweet Dreamzzz

Many of you know me as devoted wife, and then a mother. A daughter, sister, friend, niece and confidant. However, there is so much more to me than those titles, I am a BUSINESS WOMAN! I am Capricia Royal the CEO and founder of Sweet Dream(zzz)a custom bonnet and all other accessories company. I think its time you all know a little bit more about myself and the startup of Sweet Dreamzzz. By the end of this you too will be asking, “how can I get one of those custom bonnets!”

These are the photos that started it all! I wanted my daughter (Aubreigh Janelle) Taking a second to show her picture, isn’t she perfect?

Back on task! lol.

I wanted my daughter to be a doctor for Halloween but I couldn’t find the face mask or hair net in her size.(We all know how frustrating that can be) So I did the very thing I knew to do, I hand stitched her one!(Before I had a sewing machine). After that she wanted to wear it to bed every night instead of her regular plain ole stocking cap! I realized the cotton was drying out her hair so I made a satin lining to go inside. ( So important to protect our little girls hair))

Fast forward to Christmas, my wonderful husband, Antonio bought me a sewing machine. So, I did what any wonderful aunt would do (lol)I made all my nieces one! And of course they LOVED them! They told everyone and so did their parents! Look at my family guys ❤

I kept getting so many compliments and people inquiring about them, by February of 2018 I was officially making bonnets to sale. Who knew that a needle and thread would end up being the start of my small business! So raise your glasses and cheers to the start of Sweet Dreamzzz, my unintentional business!! Thanks to everyone that made this dream a constant reality! Love and hugs to you all!

How to contact me:
IG: @sweetdreamzzzbypri
Facebook: @sweetdreamzzzbypri

Writer: Dyani Sakara