“God if you can hear this, I need help!”

That Thursday I was frustrated at how my life was going. My job wasn’t paying the bills, and I no longer wanted to be as sociable as normal. I was extremely stressed out from things completely out of my control. I am not one for change. I FEAR it. But I wanted better, I NEEDED better. Something I hadn’t done in awhile, I mean YEARS, was pray. So I got down on my knees and with tears rolling down my eyes I talked to God. I didn’t pray this big prayer , with huge words. I didn’t talk to God as if I was in a business meeting with the pope. I was honest, “God if you can hear this…… I need help”

For some time I thought for sure that God must not love me. God must thing I’m the biggest failure. Wait, is there even a God?! I questioned it all because, why on Earth can’t I seem to get it right? Why at age 25 don’t I have it all together. That’s funny right??

I have no idea who told me that by age 25 I should be making 6 figures, have 4 cars in the driveway, a picketed fence and a dog but they lied. I hardly ever give myself enough credit for how well I AM doing at my age however, sometimes it just doesn’t feel good enough.

That Thursday I was frustrated at how my life was going..

By that following Thursday I walked into another car dealership to simply fill out a job application, that’s all. Guess what?? I got interviewed and hired on the spot. Crazy huh?

I went to my boss to ask for a raise for a 2nd time after being told the first time I didn’t deserve it. I got the same response the second time. Funny how God works because it only took two times for a door to be shut in my face for me to stop fearing the change and shift that was about to take place. I got a call from the new job asking if I can start that Monday, I accepted the offers given and I walked away from the job that didn’t appreciate me with peace and clarity. It was the best decision ever made as I made over $1k in one week, just ONE week! God is faithful and he heard me. He heard my simple prayer!

Saying all of that to say. Change is inevitable. Change can be good. Change will rock your world and shake you up, it will make you uncomfortable. It will also force you to see that you won’t grow unless you change!!!! Surround yourself with like minded people. People that want more and actually DO more. People that ARE about it and not just TALK about it. Don’t waste time. Idol time is the devils workshop. Find clarity and peace with every situation and pray for the understanding and wisdom for every step you take.

Don’t stress what you can’t control but make sure you are putting in the work to position yourself for greatness. Laziness won’t cut it. You can’t pray for the blessing and not do the work to maintain it. Your time is near, you’ve put in the work. Do right by people ALWAYS and find time to love those that loved you when things were the hardest. You are stronger than your situation and brave enough to embrace the change! Don’t be afraid, this is what life is all about.

” God if you can hear me…. thank you ❤️”

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Sending Special Love and Prayers to Justin. My best friend and Gods human form of reminding me he loves me. Thanks for all you say and do ❤️

It was UNITENTIONAL! Sweet Dreamzzz

Many of you know me as devoted wife, and then a mother. A daughter, sister, friend, niece and confidant. However, there is so much more to me than those titles, I am a BUSINESS WOMAN! I am Capricia Royal the CEO and founder of Sweet Dream(zzz)a custom bonnet and all other accessories company. I think its time you all know a little bit more about myself and the startup of Sweet Dreamzzz. By the end of this you too will be asking, “how can I get one of those custom bonnets!”

These are the photos that started it all! I wanted my daughter (Aubreigh Janelle) Taking a second to show her picture, isn’t she perfect?

Back on task! lol.

I wanted my daughter to be a doctor for Halloween but I couldn’t find the face mask or hair net in her size.(We all know how frustrating that can be) So I did the very thing I knew to do, I hand stitched her one!(Before I had a sewing machine). After that she wanted to wear it to bed every night instead of her regular plain ole stocking cap! I realized the cotton was drying out her hair so I made a satin lining to go inside. ( So important to protect our little girls hair))

Fast forward to Christmas, my wonderful husband, Antonio bought me a sewing machine. So, I did what any wonderful aunt would do (lol)I made all my nieces one! And of course they LOVED them! They told everyone and so did their parents! Look at my family guys ❤

I kept getting so many compliments and people inquiring about them, by February of 2018 I was officially making bonnets to sale. Who knew that a needle and thread would end up being the start of my small business! So raise your glasses and cheers to the start of Sweet Dreamzzz, my unintentional business!! Thanks to everyone that made this dream a constant reality! Love and hugs to you all!

How to contact me:
IG: @sweetdreamzzzbypri
Facebook: @sweetdreamzzzbypri

Writer: Dyani Sakara

I’m OFFICIALLY a single woman!

June 7th, 2019 will forever be a date I hold near and dear to my heart. That day I got the best news to date. For some that may be sad news but for me, it was news I couldn’t wait to hear. MY DIVORCE IS OFFICIAL!

I got married at the whooping age of 22. In my mind I would be with this man forever. All of that changed when the relationship began to get emotionally, verbally and physically abusive. The infidelity was at an all time high and the respect was no longer there. We gave our marriage all we had and yet we knew for our sanity and peace it needed to end.

I believe in transparency for my blogs, one of the reasons I believe my book Bruised but not Broken by Dyani Sakara has done so well. Bruised but not Broken

So here is the transparency of my divorce. In the state of NC you have to be separated for a total of 365 days ( 1 yr)before you can file for a divorce. They like to give you time to see if there can be any reconciliation. My ex husband and I tried that after his first episode of infidelity so we didn’t try once we separated. There was a time I reached out about us getting pizza and watching Power (one of our favorite shows) and his response was, ” I would but I am really interested in this new young lady I am seeing and I don’t want to upset her” As his wife still at the time (although separated that was hard to hear. ) However, in that moment I knew I had to MOVE ON and level up!

So I did just that! I started taking more photos.Photgrapher

Photography and writing are therapeutic for me so I buried my soul into both. I finished writing and publishing my book while sleeping on a mattress on the floor at one of my best friends house. At one point my water bill so high and out of control that I needEd help from my church to pay it. Some nights I had no money, no food, and I had no idea what was coming next. I couldn’t afford the life that I had with my husband at the time. I had to start from rock bottom and come up. My life as once a married woman was so grand that when we separated I couldn’t maintain the grand life and I fell hard! I went from living a two income life to now one. It took the entire year to get to a place of stability and everyday is a constant battle to maintain it. I try not to live outside of my means, all while getting some debt paid off!

People look at me as goals, and I am sorry if I portray life goals. My goal was always to show you, my readers, my followers that you can start at the bottom and reach the top. YOU can change your own narrative!

My ex husband and I spoke Friday after I recieved the confirmed papers that we are officially divorced. We both agreed we didn’t regret our marriage and we both didn’t go into it expecting to divorce two years later. He told me that he could’ve done better as my husband (that was nice to hear) and I gave him that back. Although he cheated, I wasn’t perfect as his wife . Now that the divorce is final, I have no desire to be friends with him (that number is BLOCKED) lol (closing that chapter for GOOD) but I have no animosity because I took this year to TRULY heal and find me. What do I love? What do I need? What makes Dyani Sakara happy?

Taking a second to thank everyone who has been a helping hand through this journey in even the smallest way from a place to stay, to an encouraging word, emotional support even down to a cash app request lol:
Amanda & Chris C.
Amanda B.
Ashton F.
Ryan B.
Shawn E.
Lita T.
Shaunda R.
Jeff M.
Andrea and Fred J.

I am thankful to you all. What a year of trials and tribulations but I didn’t give up! It was harddddddd but I made it! My name ” Dyani Sakara” (Native American) means

Dyani- Deer

Sakara- clever quick mind with the ability to accomplish a great deal in a short time. Short of it?


Takaways from this year of separation/divorce

1. Hard times build strong people
2. I am not my past

few photos from this year of being single and healing!

Beautiful Black Queen

When did it start? When did the disrespect begin. When did black men stop loving the black woman?

We are the backbone of the world. We breast feed your children. We keep the house clean and peaceful. We wash the clothes and change the bedsheets. We get down on our knees and scrub the bathroom tub. With our wool like hair and deep circles under our eyes we iron your clothes and prepare your dinner. All at once. When did we lose your respect? We carry the child in our womb for months on end and bleed for a week straight. You don’t value us?

What insecurity is it this time? Which insecurity of yours am I paying for this time?

You don’t know what love is. Love is elevating your queen, not your “nigga” your Queen. Not your “baby momma” your child’s mother. It’s complimenting her assets, yes, but complimenting how she loves. Compliment her drive. Compliment her boldness. Compliment her willingness to keep the family afloat.

Does she add to your happiness? If so, do what it takes to hold it together. Don’t allow your pride to get in the way of something you know is a good thing. Appreciate your black woman and embrace all she is and all she can be. Men…. STEP UP! Do the right thing. Be pure at heart and respectful of the ones that birthed this creation. Women hold the power.

I’m rambling…. it’s been a long few days.

Love and hugs Dyani Sakara ❤

What A Year with Dyani Sakara

Happy New Year!

You made, I made it. We made it! Quick recap? Well, why not?

Dyani Sakara Recap:

I separated from my ex husband January 2018 —–> It will be finalized February/March

I took my blogs to another level, I leveled up. I forced myself to open up to my readers about the hardships I endured and thank God I did because they have been blessed and so have I. Its more than amazing what sharing your story can do for another soul.

I wrote and published my book titled, Dyani Sakara Bruised but not Broken—-> It sold over 300 copies in the first month.

I left a job I had been at for years to separate completely from my ex husband (we worked together) I was  blessed to get hired the same day I was interviewed for a sales manager position at a car dealership.

I am 25. I am African American. I am a Female. Need I say more.

You tell me that 2018 wasn’t good to me when I thought it was the worst year of my life. My my my how the tables turned.

My best advice: Remain humble ALWAYS. Give when you have to give, if you don’t pray you will. Speak life. Travel. Do the things you love to do. Love and love hard. Take risks. Eat squid, try new things! Text that girl, date that guy! Set goals, achieve them. Read a book, take notes. Step outside your comfort zone. Sit on the porch and breathe in the air that so beautifully graces us. Stop complaining. Stop stressing. Stress won’t pay that bill. Pay your debts off, stop pushing it back.


Thanks for one heck of a year readers, I wouldn’t be here without you all. Special thanks to Shawn, you never let me forget who I was and the reason I was doing it. Cryshaunda, for reminding me that I am capable of giving and receiving love and to never give up. Blair, for being the ray of sunshine my life needed, I love you Titi’s baby. Jeff M. for believing in my ability to lead a pack and pushing me to be an even greater leader daily. Ryan, for the never ending love you have always shown me over the years. Abigail, for the laughter that heals like medicine. My parents for being the rock that holds it all together. Chenoa, my love, for teaching me REAL patience. Ashton, for having my back through the hardest times. Amanda, for always staying true and loyal to our friendship. Lastly, My photography clients for trusting me with your photo needs. You all are appreciated. Excited for what 2019 brings us my guy. I LOVE you all. Dear Dyani is everything because of YOU! Cheers to 2019 and many more exciting ventures.

With Love,

Dyani Sakara